Fairmont man accused of sexual abuse

A Fairmont man is accused of sexually abusing a teen girl known to him.

Matthew Melvin Geist, 32, was charged last week in Martin County District Court with four counts of criminal sexual conduct.

A criminal complaint says the mother of a 15-year-old girl reported to police that Geist had touched her daughter sexually.

The victim told investigators she and Geist were watching Netflix together when he fondled her genitals.  The victim said her mother later walked in the room and saw Geist with an erection, which upset her mother.

The victim’s mother told investigators she attempted to call police when she saw Geist’s erection, but he followed her around the house trying to take her phone away.  The complaint says Geist was on top of the victim’s mother trying to snatch the phone from her as she dialed.

In a second interview with police, the teen said the abuse by Geist started the previous summer, when she 14-years-old.  The victim said the abuse happened about twice a month.  Geist also forced the teen to touch his gentials, and attempted to force her into oral sex, according to the complaint.

Geist denied touching the teen.

Geist has also been charged with interfering with emergency communications.



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