(Mankato, MN) – A man who was convicted earlier this summer of assaulting his former Blue Earth Area football teammate is facing criminal assault charges once again.

Wyatt Tungland, 20, of Frost, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony 3rd-degree assault and misdemeanor 5th-degree assault.  Court documents say he is still on probation for his part in the beating of a teammate at a party in 2017.

According to the criminal complaint, Tungland’s friend told police the two were in Collegetown when an “extremely intoxicated” Tungland barged into a house and punched a man in the mouth.    The friend said the stunned victim had a chipped tooth.

Tungland apparently ran to another residence, where he tried to take beer from two men drinking on the front porch.  When they resisted, he punched one, and then the other, according to the complaint.  One of the men suffered a “substantial injury” to his nose, according to court documents.    The second man sustained an eye injury.

The friend told police that Tungland gets violent when he is under the influence of alcohol.

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