Weather Alert will provide hotel stays for some seasonal workers

A North Mankato company will provide hotel stays to a select number of seasonal workers as the Halloween season ramps up., which also owns sister site, will hire over 2,000 temporary workers, and an additional 200 from outside the Mankato area through their Halloween Hero program.

The company’s CEO, Tom Fallenstein, says is looking to hire more seasonal employees than ever before.

The Halloween Hero program is limited to 200 spots with a minimum 40-hour workweek, starting Sept 26 and continuing through the last week of October.  The company will cover the hotel stays for workers who live more than 30 miles outside of the Mankato area, according to a press release. is offering extra hourly wage incentives, the option to work overtime, and additional prize opportunities to all team members, according to the release.

“Help us unbox, pick, and pack global Halloween orders from our warehouse in North Mankato, Minnesota,” says the release.  “We train on-site, no experience necessary.”



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