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Guest reportedly robbed at Mankato hotel

Mankato Public Safety

A guest was reportedly robbed at the City Center Hotel in downtown Mankato early Wednesday morning.

The robbery was reported by a front desk clerk at 5:26 a.m. after a guest apparently advised they had been robbed at gunpoint in their hotel room.

Commander Justin Neumann of the Mankato Department of Public Safety said it’s possible the guest and the alleged robber knew each other.  Police are investigating whether there is a harassment restraining order between the two parties, as alleged. The suspect apparently fled after the robbery.

Although the initial call indicated a gun had been used, a firearm wasn’t found in the room.  Police are receiving conflicting stories as to whether a gun was involved at all, said Neumann.

An ambulance was requested, according to Neumann, but the victim wasn’t transported to a hospital.  He said it was unclear at this point if the victim suffered any injuries or what was taken from the victim.

There appears to be no threat to the public, Neumann said.

The incident is still under investigation.

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