Help Conserve Water with Mankato’s Lawn Watering Conservation Program

Mankato’s Well 15 will be taken out of service on Monday, May 23 for maintenance, which is expected to last through the first week in July.

Work done will help maintain the integrity of the well to meet residents’ water needs, allow for a more reliable water supply during high demand periods and conserve deep water aquifers, which can take thousands of years to replenish. Maintenance was scheduled for next year as part of Mankato’s Community Investment Plan; however, since conditions are favorable this year, the schedule was adjusted to 2022.

While the well is being maintained, water conservation is important. Mankato’s even/odd lawn watering program helps reduce the demand on the City’s water supply, which is significantly impacted by lawn watering. Well 15 is one of two wells that together produce 70% of Mankato’s water supply.

Details about the program:

Watering Hours

  • Watering is prohibited between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily to avoid evaporation during the hottest times of day.

Watering Days

Watering is restricted to every other day based on a property address.

  • Even-numbered property addresses may water on even-numbered days.
  • Odd-numbered property addresses may water on odd-numbered days.


  • New landscaping, sod or seed within 30 days of being installed. A city permit is required.
  • Educational institutions, or a commercial or business enterprise whose economic well-being is dependent on irrigation of a lawn (grass and turf) they own, lease or operate. Requires written approval. Please contact Environmental Services at 311 or 507-387-8600.
  • City lawns, grass, turf used for play fields and areas where more frequent irrigation is needed to prevent damage to the area.
  • Gardens and flower beds with a hand-held hose.
  • Children’s water toys (must be attended).
  • Washing vehicles.


  • First notice: Written notification of violation and requested correction
  • Second notice: $50 fine
  • Third notice: $100 fine
  • Fourth notice: Disconnection of irrigation meter or outdoor spigots

The lawn watering conservation program applies to all residential and commercial properties watering lawns using City of Mankato water.