(Mankato, MN) – Conflict over contract negotiations has forced KEYC News 12 and Fox 12 Mankato off the air from DirecTV.

In a press release, the television station said the contract extension negotiations between their owner, United Communications Corporation, and DirecTV expired Monday.  The contract would permit DirecTV to sell programming offered by United.  Without a contract in place, KEYC News 12 and Fox 12 Mankato programming will be blacked out on DirecTV.

“United Communications is a small family-owned company whose focus has always been to serve the needs of their local viewers,” said United Communications President and Owner Lucy Brown.  “It’s unfortunate that a large corporation like AT&T (DirecTV), who profits from our programming, doesn’t appreciate the value of it.”

Viewers seeking more information on the blackout can find answers to their questions on the KEYC News 12 website.

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