Man accused of molesting three girls in Waseca County

A Claremont man is accused of molesting three girls in Waseca County.

Roy Hartvick Dehoff, 37, was charged with 12 counts of felony first-degree criminal sexual conduct and felony prostitution in Waseca County Court.

A criminal complaint says Dehoff lived in the same home as the girls for about a year, where most of the sexual assaults took place.  Dehoff also molested the children in his van when he drove them to Walmart, and would take a longer route home on a gravel road,  says the complaint.

The sexual assaults were disclosed to the children’s parents after one of the girls told her boyfriend, who told his mother, a mandated reporter, say court documents.

A 15-year-old victim told investigators Dehoff had started molesting her at age 11 or 12.  The girl said the molestation began by Dehoff rubbing her leg over her clothes, but escalated to include more contact.  The victim said Dehoff made comments about wanting to purchase sex toys for her.  According to the girl, the sexual assaults happened too many times to count.  She believed Dehoff gave her extra money because of the sexual acts.

A second girl said the Dehoff had been sexually assaulting her for four or five years, since she was nine or ten years old.  The girl said Dehoff had once tried to molest her with a hairbrush.  The victim said she’d gotten better fighting off Dehoff, telling investigators she at first let him do what he wanted, but got sick of it and began to kick him and tell him no. The victim told police Dehoff would offer her money and beg her for what he wanted.  The victim said she had seen a search of Dehoff’s phone for “how to make young girls feel good?”

The third victim, age 12, said Dehoff began molesting her when she was nine years old.  Dehoff forced her to perform oral sex on a number of occasions, according to the complaint. The girl said he would buy her candy and drinks at Walmart to keep her quiet about the sexual acts.  Dehoff would also get violent, according to the girl, who said he had choked her on one occasion. She said the assaults happened too many times to count.

Dehoff allegedly molested one of the girls as recently as two weeks prior to being charged.

Dehoff is currently in custody at the Waseca County Jail.

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