Mankato Public Safety is looking for the thieves responsible for a rash of stolen catalytic converters in the last two weeks.

Since November 27, police cite eight incidents in which catalytic converters were removed from multiple vehicles. Video surveillance captured images of two suspects during an incident that occurred near 330 Stadium Rd.

A vehicle driven by the suspects (pictured above) is described as a dark gray BMW, but images of the suspects themselves are not being shared at this time because the facial components are too blurry.  Police, however, were able to glean a basic description of the suspects and their clothing.

Suspect 1 appears to be:

  • Male, 5’ 10”, approximately 40-50 years of age with a husky build weighing 200 to 250 pounds.
  • Short, dark, buzzed hair with thick eyebrows and a mustache.
  • Wearing a black, unzipped hooded jacket over a blue and white striped collared shirt, baggy blue jeans, and gray tennis shoes.

Suspect 2 appears to be:

  • Male, 5’ 8”, approximately 35-45 years of age with a slim build weighing 170 pounds.
  • Short, dark hair.
  • Wearing a dark-colored bomber-style jacket with a patch on the left sleeve, khaki-colored jeans, and brown shoes.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact Public Safety at 507-387-8725.


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