Mankato woman accused of macing co-worker facing felony charges

A Mankato woman is accused of macing a co-worker who backed out of covering a shift for her.

Nancy Ross Lyons, 32, was charged last week in Blue Earth County Court with felony use of tear gas to immobilize and misdemeanor 5th-degree assault.

A criminal complaint says Lyons’s coworker at River Suites Hotel on West Lind St had agreed to work a shift for her, but then was unable to because she had to accompany an acquaintance to the hospital.

The victim said she went to speak with Lyons and a verbal argument ensued.  Lyons allegedly pulled out the mace as she and the victim were yelling at each other and sprayed her co-worker in the face.

The complaint says the victim did not physically assault Lyons or threaten her.

Lyons allegedly admitted to police she maced the victim without being provoked.

Police say surveillance video showed Lyons spraying the mace at the victim.

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