Miss your road test?  It will cost you $20 under new Minnesota law

Minnesotans who miss their road test appointments will now be fined $20 under a new state law.

The law, which takes effect Nov 1, is in response to a growing number of “no shows” that were taking road tests away from people waiting for appointments.

An average of 15.5 percent of people failed to show up for their road test from July through Sept 2021, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division.  In that three-month period alone, nearly 6,000 testing opportunities were squandered, says DVS.

Here’s the breakdown of appointments scheduled and the no-shows for Class D and CDL skills tests between July and Sept:

July:  Appointments: 12,249      No-shows: 1,919
Aug:  Appointments: 15,034      No-shows: 2,196
Sept: Appointments: 11,402      No-shows: 1,879

Customers are notified of the fee when they schedule an appointment, and again in a reminder email three days prior to their testThere is no fee for cancellations more than 24 hours in advance. Any fines would be collected when the customer applies for their driver’s license.

The no-show fee applies to missed skills test appointments scheduled on or after Nov 1. Emergency circumstances will be considered.


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