MSU student uses 3D printer to make ear guards for essential workers

(Mankato, MN) –  A Facebook post inspired an MSU student to help essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Josiah Geiger knew he wanted to help his community during the pandemic.  It was when one of his freemason brothers showed him a Facebook post about Quinn Callander that Geiger saw an opportunity.  Callander is a Boy Scout who used his 3D printer to create ear guards for staff after a hospital in Canada asked the public for solutions to alleviate pain caused by wearing surgical masks.

Geiger is a senior engineering student at MSU and owns a 3D printer.  He consulted Mankato Clinic to see if they were interested in the ear guards.   When the clinic said yes, he began printing.

Quinn Callander, the Canadian Boy Scout who started printing ear guards.

Geiger said it takes him about ten minutes to get the printing for the ear guards set up.  He can sit back after that, but printing six ear guards takes about two to three hours. He has already delivered several dozen guards to Mankato Clinic, and will continue printing and donating guards to friends and family who are essential workers.

Geiger has also considered giving guards to places with a lot of foot traffic, such as liquor stores.  “If I could find a place that would be willing to put up a little sign of what they are, I could drop off a few dozen at a time.   I ‘ll do that so they get out to the general public.”

“As free masons we are trying to help our community in all the ways we can,” said Geiger said of his desire to help.  Geiger, who will graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering from MSU next month, has been a member of the Mankato Masonic Lodge #12 for about about three years.

The file to print the guards is available online.

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