Update: Charges filed against 17-year-old shooting suspect, 2 others

The teenage suspect and two others have been charged in a shooting that left a 19-year-old Mankato man dead last week.

Emmanuel Lavelle Isaac, 17, of Mankato, was charged Tuesday in Blue Earth County Court with felony 2nd-degree murder with intent.

Police say Isaac fatally shot Marcus Romaine Cargill Jr after the two had a dispute at 4th and Walnut streets Thursday afternoon.

Also charged in relation to Cargill’s murder are Trevis Raykwon Toomer, 22, of St. Paul, and Mohammad Mustafa Abdallah, 17, of Mankato.  Toomer and Abdallah each face one felony count of aiding an offender to avoid arrest.

According to a juvenile petition, a witness told police that Cargill had picked him up after school and the two drove to Isaac’s home, where they saw Isaac – also known as “Manny” – sitting in the passenger seat of a black, four-door vehicle that was parked in the driveway.

The witness said Cargill and Isaac had had conflicts and problems in the recent past, including a photo Isaac had allegedly posted to social media, showing himself with a group of students pointing “finger guns.”  The petition says Cargill had left Isaac a voice message about the picture, saying they “should not ‘roll up’ on people like that,” and “if they ‘rolled up’ on the wrong person, they would get shot.”

The witness told investigators that Cargill got out of his vehicle, approached the black car, and began “yelling and cussing” at Isaac.  The witness said Cargill and Isaac fixed their “beef,” but Isaac then reached out the window and fired three shots at close range.

Isaac never got out of the vehicle, which drove away after the shooting, according to the petition.

First responders found Cargill lying on the ground with several gunshot wounds to his upper body.  He was transported to a hospital and later declared dead.

Surveillance video helped identify the vehicle as a Mazda owned by the brother of Abdallah, who was driving. Police say Toomer gave his vehicle to Isaac and Abdallah, who parked the Mazda at Toomer’s place of employment.

Toomer then called Abdallah’s brother in jail and told him about the shooting.  He later told police that Abdallah had called him for the car, saying, “It’s bad, I need to get out of town.”  Toomer told investigators that Isaac said “I popped him bro,” when he arrived to get the car.

The Mazda was later located at Toomer’s work and a firearm was recovered from the vehicle, according to the petition.

Abdallah and Isaac were arrested in Breckenridge the day after Cargill’s murder.


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