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Police suspect 4 in rash of car burglaries

Mankato Public Safety

Four people are suspected of committing a rash of car burglaries in multiple areas of Mankato over the weekend.

Police spokesperson Dan Schisel said there were 18 total reports of motor vehicle tampering or burglarizing between Thursday and Saturday. Some of the incidents were residents reporting their vehicles had been rummaged through, said Schisel.

Mostly small items were taken, according to Schisel, but there were also reports of stolen bicycles.

Schisel said there are benefits to reporting attempted thefts, even if nothing was actually taken.  It can help investigators map out where the crimes are committed and collect evidence.

Police are reminding residents to remove keys from their vehicles and lock the doors.  Schisel says parking in a garage or well-lit area and removing valuables from the car can prevent becoming a victim.  He also recommended locking the area between the garage and the house.

Information about the suspects is not being released at this time.


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