Rep Munson introduces bill that would allow Minnesota counties to secede to neighboring states

Minnesota counties could secede to neighboring states under a bill introduced by Representative Jeremy Munson (R-23b).

If passed, the bill would start the process for allowing western Minnesota counties to vote to join South Dakota, or any county to vote on joining a neighboring state, according to Munson’s website.

Munson tweeted out an image depicting all Minnesota counties west of the Twin Cities as part of South Dakota, which appeared to appeal to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.  Noem retweeted the image, saying her state would “roll out the red carpet” for anyone who loves personal freedom and responsibility.

If the bill passed, it would allow Minnesota counties to apply to the U.S. Congress to amend the state’s boundaries.  A valid application would need two-thirds approval from the county board.

In order for Congress to approve a county’s request to secede, two-thirds of the Minnesota House and Senate would have to approve.  Two-thirds of voters would need to vote in favor of secession in a general election.

“Minnesota becomes more politically polarized every year and the metro politicians have shown us that rural Minnesotans are no longer represented by St. Paul,” said Munson’s website.  “It’s time to leave.