Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy retrieves rogue duck from home

Deputy Duck to the rescue!

Max Kes, a Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy, recently helped a resident remove a rogue duck from their home.

The duck sneaked into a Jackson Township home and was hiding behind the entertainment center, according to a social media post by the SCSO.

Deputy Kes had to remove his protective vest and crawl behind the resident’s entertainment center to coax the duck out.  “Eventually, he was able to get ahold of her and she was safely returned to her wildlife home,” reads the social media post.

The post didn’t specify why the duck decided to make its way indoors.  We at SMN suspect the bird was in a fowl mood because of our Minnesota spring and just wanted a warm spot to wait for summer.

If you’d like to show your appreciation for Deputy Kes for saving this lucky little bird, we suggest sending cheese and quackers.

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