A St. James man is accused of months of abuse that allegedly includes tying a woman to a chair and sticking a gun in her mouth.

Enrique Rodriguez, 27, was charged Monday with felony counts of false imprisonment, second-degree assault, and threats of violence in Watonwan County Court.

The woman reported the alleged ongoing abuse to the Watonwan County Sheriff this month.

According to the criminal complaint, in Sept 2020, Rodriguez tied the woman to a folding chair in the basement of their home and left her there for at least an hour.  He slapped her several times before releasing her when he returned, says the complaint.

In November 2020, Rodriguez allegedly sent the woman a picture of him holding a handgun.  Approximately a week later, he stuck the handgun in the woman’s mouth, pushed it in her side, then struck her in the head with the gun, says the complaint.

Rodriguez is accused of pulling the handgun again in March 2021 and slapping the victim several times, telling her: “This is the time I hit you.  The next time I’m going to shoot you in the face.” Rodriguez allegedly told the woman he needed to scare her to make her understand.

The victim told police Rodriguez has choked her until she nearly passes out on too many occasions to count.  Rodriguez threatened to kill the victim and her family if he is arrested, says the complaint.

A small child has witnessed the violence, according to the police.

Rodriguez denied most of the victim’s allegations, but admitted he has assaulted her at least once with an open hand.

Police found a Smith and Wesson handgun and AM-15 rifle at Rodriguez’s home.

Rodriguez is also charged with domestic violence.

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