Triple stabbing suspect charged

The suspect in a triple stabbing in Albert Lea has been charged.

Ck Kyle Kasio, 26, is accused of stabbing three men Monday, leaving two of the victims hospitalized with critical injuries.

A criminal complaint says Kasio came to Albert Lea from Washington state.

Police were called at 8:43 a.m. to 221 Main St E in Albert Lea for an unknown emergency.  Blood droplets led officers to an area leading into an apartment with a large amount of blood on the floor.

Police found two men “laying lifelessly on the floor,” according to the complaint.  A female witness said the victims were stabbed minutes before while they were sleeping.  The witness said Kasio, who lives in the apartment with her, was always asking for money and threatening to stab those who declined.

Both men were stabbed in the chest, and one of the victims also had a deep stab wound on his arm.  Police say that man was “pale, cold, and clammy,” and had labored breathing.  The second man was able to identify the man who stabbed him as “CK,” according to the complaint.  Both men were transported to Mayo Emergency.

The witness told police one of her sons had been chased out of the apartment as they were being chased by Kasio.

Officers followed a trail of blood to 133 William St where they found a third victim with a stab wound to his hand.

Kasio eventually turned himself in at the law enforcement center.

The victims found at the first apartment were considered critical patients, and were airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  The day after the stabbing, detectives traveled to St. Marys Hospital, where medical staff described the victims’ injuries as life-threatening.  One of the victims was intubated and was unable to give a statement, according to the complaint.  Staff said bleeding prevented his chest wound from being closed.

The second victim told police he had woken up to the other man being stabbed before Kasio stabbed him.  The victim said he believed Kasio was on methamphetamine.

A chef’s knife with a 7-inch blade coated in what appeared to be blood was recovered near the back of the Main St building, according to the complaint.

Kasio has been charged with two counts of felony first-degree assault and three counts of felony second-degree assault in Freeborn County Court.

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