Update: Charges dismissed against Tracy roofer

The Cottonwood County attorney’s office has confirmed that charges have been dismissed against a Tracy roofer accused of bilking a customer out of a down payment.

Tim Swanson sent SMN multiple emails saying the charges were all a misunderstanding.  In his initial message, Swanson said the weather had prevented him from completing the roof.  He later indicated that he couldn’t deliver materials due to snow in the woman’s yard.  He also cited a COVID-19 diagnosis that prevented him from completing the job in the fall, when he intended.

Swanson sent SMN a picture of an email from Cottonwood County Attorney Nick Anderson.  The email stated that charges would be dropped if Swanson paid restitution on the file.

A picture of a $5,750 check made payable to the victim was also sent to SMN by Swanson.  Both documents were dated Feb 25, two days after SMN posted the original article regarding his charges.

Here’s the original story:

A construction company owner in Tracy is accused of taking a woman’s down payment for a new roof, then abandoning the project.

Timothy Allan Swanson, 38, was charged with felony theft by swindle Monday in Cottonwood County Court.

A criminal complaint says the woman hired Swanson Construction to complete a steel roof job, which Swanson estimated at $11,500.

The woman signed a contract and paid Swanson $5,750, cash, as a down payment in May 2020.  Swanson had not returned to complete the project, as of Nov 2020, says the complaint.

Court documents say materials for the project have not been delivered to the victim’s home, despite repeated requests.

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