Victim required 26 staples in head after dog attack, say charges against Gibbon woman

A woman delivering church papers was attacked by a dog in Gibbon last month, sending her to the hospital with multiple wounds, say court documents.

Karen Enriquez, 21, the dogs’ owner, was charged last week in the attack, which left the victim with severe facial wounds.  Enriquez faces misdemeanor counts of “substantial bodily harm caused by a dog” and “attack by animal prohibited” in Sibley County Court.

Court documents say the victim was delivering church papers to Enriquez’s home on the evening of Oct 26.  She told police she heard dogs growl as she approached the home.  She was retreating when the dog rushed through an unlatched front door and attacked her, according to a criminal complaint.

“She fell after one dog bit the back of her pant leg,” says the charging document. “She rolled onto her stomach and covered her face with her arm when the second dog attacked her head,” the complaint goes on to say.

Enriquez and her daughter heard Berger screaming, and the daughter was able to get the dogs back in the house.  Enriquez’s boyfriend called 911.

The victim was transported to New Ulm Medical Center where she received 26 staples on her head wounds, according to the complaint.  She also suffered puncture wounds and bruising on her legs, and she had a bite mark on her hand, according to court documents.

Police say Enriquez admitted that one of her dogs was aggressive, but said she was always very cautious about the containment of her dogs.  Enriquez told investigators she believed the victim had entered the home, according to the complaint.

Police say there was no evidence that the victim had attempted to enter the residence.

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