Voters pass Question One of Mankato Area Public Schools referendum, decline Question Two

Voters said “yes” to Mankato Area Public Schools’s referendum Question One Tuesday at the polls, but stopped short of supporting Question Two.

Voters approved $105 million to fund secure entrances at school buildings, expand early childhood learning, and update academic and athletic spaces at Mankato West. They declined an additional $15 million referendum that would update and expand stadiums at the high schools.

Question One passed by a 52% to 47% vote.  Question Two failed by a 53% to 47% vote.

Meanwhile, voters in the Janesville Waldorf Pemberton School District overwhelmingly approved a referendum that will re-allocate nearly $2 million of the district’s General Obligation Facilities Maintenance Bonds to make improvements to the facilities, including a new roof on the school building.  That measure passed 68% to 32%.





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