Warrant issued for man accused of attempted rape, kidnapping in North Mankato

3/13/23 Update – Teschau was taken into custody in Nicollet County at 5 a.m. Monday morning.

Adam Teschau, Nicollet County Jail

Police are looking for an Owatonna man accused of attempted rape and kidnapping.

Adam John Techau, 38, was charged Tuesday in Nicollet County Court with 11 felony counts of 1st & 2nd-degree attempted criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and burglary.

A criminal complaint says the victim, who knew Techau from work, agreed to let him sleep on her couch when he arrived at her home the night of Jan 28 and told her he was having relationship issues.

Court documents say the victim was sleeping when Techau came into her bedroom and began making advances, which the victim declined.  “We can do this the nice way or not,” Techau allegedly told the victim when she continued to deny him.

The victim tried to call 911, but Techau threw her phone against a wall, according to the complaint.  The victim told police she demanded Techau leave her home, but he became angry, jumped on her and pinned down one of her arms.  The complaint says she used her free arm to choke Techau, then kicked him in the groin, breaking free entirely.

Court documents say the victim ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and told Techau she would get her gun and shoot him if he came any closer to her.  The victim said he gathered his things and left.  The beer bottle that Teschau had been drinking from was collected for DNA evidence.

The victim told police she and Techau didn’t know each other well and hadn’t had any sort of intimate history or relationship. Police asked the victim for more information on Teschau and she provided a photo that he had sent her before the incident. Police sent the photo of “Adam” to area law enforcement agencies, and Teschau was soon identified by multiple departments.

Techau told investigators he was in Marshall with his brother the night of the incident.  His brother corroborated, saying Teschau and his girlfriend had visited him in Marshall on Jan 28.  But his girlfriend told police they went to Marshall the day after, on Jan 29.  Police say his girlfriend eventually admitted to following Teschau to the trailer park where the victim lived after the couple had a fight on the night of Jan 28.

Teschau’s girlfriend further told police she and a friend had picked Teschau up at a North Mankato convenience store that same night. Police say her friend confirmed the trip.  Police say surveillance video from the store showed Teschau being picked up at 10:23 p.m., thirteen minutes after police responded to the victim’s 911 call.

Teschau also faces a gross misdemeanor charge of interrupting emergency telephone calls.

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